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Tra Gli Spazi / In Between Spaces

The dominant narrative surrounding the experiences of Italian Australians are often one of hard work, gratitude and eventual acceptance into the wider Anglo-Australian community. Tra gli spazi is an on going body of work which explores more nuanced conversations about the intergenerational affects of migration on how we, as Italian diaspora, experience identity, belonging and the space in between what it means to be ‘Italian’ and ‘Australian’.


A personal exploration of identity through eight conversational interviews, Tra Gli Spazi asks: what are the impacts of migration on someone's sense of belonging and how connected they feel to culture? How does migration affect class? How do we reconcile living between two cultures?

Tra gli spazi was exhibited at Balkon Art Incubator in Naarm / Melbourne as a solo exhibition in 2018.

View exhibition opening images here.

If you are an Italian Australian person who would like to get involved in tra gli spazi, please get in touch via email. 

tra gli spazi / in between spaces exhibition

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